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Greenfields Yamuna Vihar

We, at Greenfields Public School, Yamuna vihar, are led by our vision of lead me to light giving valued learing experience and quality eduacation to our students. We deeply feel that the future of our country is being moulded, shaped and nutured in school. The team of GFPS strives to make the school a place here our student can explore and discover who they are and what can be, and have the support and security to realise their full potential.

Our Mission is to provide the valued learning to the young for a total development of a personality.The mission of Green Field Public School is to educate our diverse student body in a safe, nurturing environment and to promote life-long learning, responsible citizenship and success in a rapidly changing world.

Chairman's Message

Dr. (Mrs.) Manik Barsaley, Chairman, Greenfields Public School, Yamuna Vihar is a veteran who stands dedicated and committed to the promotion of child centered education. During her illustrious career over the decades, she has spearheaded the campaign for ensuring burden free education and joyful leaning for children. She believes that each child is unique and the education system should facilitate and address the uniqueness and individuality of each child . According to her, Art, Dance, Music, Games, Sports etc form an integrated personality. Having practiced multi intelligence approach to the learning process, she seeks to ensure that the class room transaction is oriented towards meeting individual needs and in ensuing total quality management in education. As a very humane person she yearns to impart distinctive style of education, blending oriental and the occidental and through these tries to forge qualities of courage, character and leadership among children. She earnestly believes that an institution must produce students....